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The Premier League has its history, the new system in the competition and the way the teams are ranked

The Premier League is the First Division league in England and is one of the top five leagues in Europe,
Premier League is also one of the strongest leagues and the degree of competition in this league is the highest.

The Premier League is starting and history.

The use of the premier league name specifically in 1992. It could be a league of 20 teams,
Barclays was the official sponsor of the league, It was named The Barclays Premier League.

The duration of the league is eight months where the league starts in August and ends in May,
Each team participating in the league plays 38 matches,
bringing the total to 380 games per season,
Most matches are played on Saturdays and Sundays, which are the main and expected days in the Premier League,
However, some matches in the postponed period due to the Champions League and the England Cup are played during midweek evenings or Friday.

Premier League is the most watched league in the world,
It is also the most lucrative football league through advertising, which brings a significant increase in club revenues,
Premier League is the first place in the UEFA league rankings in terms of performance in the European championships and it is enough that the two sides of the Champions League last year were from the English League (Liverpool – Tottenham), superior to The Spanish League and Serie A.

Since the current system of the championship began in 1992, out of a total of 44 clubs competing in the Premier League, only six have won the title:
Manchester United (20 titles)
Liverpool (18 titles)
Arsenal (13 titles)
Chelsea (6 titles)
Everton (9 titles)
Leicester City (1 title)
Manchester City (6 titles), the current league champions, who won the title of the 2018-2019 season.

Man City beat Liverpool and win the 2018-19 season

Manchester City clinched the Premier title under Pep Guardiola by beating Brighton 4-1, one point ahead of Liverpool, who beat Wolverhampton in a clean sheet.

Manchester City became the second team after Manchester United to win two consecutive Premier League titles. Senegal’s Sadio Mane scored both goals in the 17th and 81th minutes,
To ensure his team’s runners-up with 97 points, as the best team in the history of the Premier League, and share the top scorers with his team-mate Mohamed Salah.

On the other hand, Manchester City did not overdo the chance to retain the Premier League title for the second season in a row,
The hosts swept Brighton four goals to one, bringing their tally to 98 points.

Brighton led by Glenn Murray in the 27th minute, but the hero’s response came quickly,
A one-minute equaliser through Sergio Aguero, before advancing in the 38th minute by Emeric Laporte, riyad mahrez and Ilkay Gundogan consolidated the lead with the third and fourth goals in the 63rd and 72nd minutes, respectively.
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Some changes to the English Premier League rules season 2018-2019

To settle for positions at the end of the League Championship whether a title struggle or a qualifying position for the European Leagues, or escape from relegation was resorted to goal difference.

But starting next season, direct results will be used as a first case to resolve such matters,
The top position will take the team that collected the most points in direct confrontations, goal difference.

If the two teams continue to be equal,
the team that has scored more goals outside their home country will have the advantage, in the forward positions.

If the centre problem is not resolved, a play-off will be used on neutral ground, and its timing and place will be determined by the league.

The 2019/20 League Championship season kicks off on Friday 9 August between Liverpool and the summer of the last edition with Norwich City at Liverpool’s Anfield.

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