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The premier league in 2018/2019

The premier league in 2018/2019

*The premier league in 2018/2019 is the 27th .

It  will start in 2019 from 10-2-1019

And will finish in 12-5-2019

When we talk about premier league top scorers 2019 we must put name of Mo Salah

 We will prepare you a list between the league scours and the number of goals they have achieved:

 Mo Salah

 Scour 17 goals he plays in Liverpool

 Pierre Emerick

 Scour 15 goals he plays in Arsenal

 Sergio Aguero

 Scour 14 goals he plays in Man City

 Harry Kane

 Scour 14 goals he plays in Tottenham

 Eden Hazard

 Scour 12 goals he plays in Chelsea


Mo Salah:

He is an Egyptian player , mo salah was born in Ghrbeya,

Salah plays as forward. He plays as Egyptian international team,

 Achieves the goal in small-time.

He starts at Egypt and play at

Elmkawloon Elarab, in 2012 start

playing in Swiss side Basel and

win twice premier league at the time that he was there,

in 2014 he goes joined Chelsea and play in Rome ,

he starts plays with Liverpool and scour in 2017 44 goals,

salah win premier league golden boot and score

32 goals in 38 game premier leagues.

Pierre Emerick :

Emerick plays at arrival and score 15 goals,he start his career from 2008.

He born in franc, he was never appears with team,

Emerick always imposed in clubs, he was famous by his speed,

he joined santé Etienne in 2011.He plays 58 game with Gabon national

team from 2009 and scour 24 goals.

Sergio Aguero:

*Aguero was from Argentine he loves football,

and he now a professional footballer.

*Aguero starts his career in 2003,

he was a younger player in his time in Argentine premier league,

* Aguero scours about 6 goals in 7 games, and win,

he scours 28 goals in premier league in 2013/2014,

in 2014/2015 he scours about 32 goals then his points become 100 goals,

and in 2015/2016. Scouring29goals, in 2016/2017he scours 33 goals.

In 2017/2018 his club is 78 years old, and he scours in this year 33 goals.

Harry Kane :

He born in Walthamstow in 1993, his team is considered the best plays in 2018.

Kane play in the firs team in 2009,In his first full match

he scours 31 goals in his firs season until he joined the team.

In 2014, He wins the best premier league .

In 2017/2018 he scours 48 goals

Eden Hazard:

He born in Belgium in 1991, in 2010/2011 he was

one of the member in the team

when they win the cup and league,

then he was the youngest player in

the team to win this premier league,

he scours his first goal in premier league in 2011.

He leads his team in 2018 and achieved a huge success and

become the third team in league.

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