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Top Of Football Players

Top Of Football Players

About Football
Football is the most popular game in the world and is available for all.

– It’s the most fun game to have excitement, passion and love to win.

– It is characterized by work on the existence of a cooperation between the players and if they cooperate they could easily reach the victory,

but if they do not cooperate they can not win.

– The players create magic on the pitch thet makes the fans chant their names and enourage them.

Top Players

1-Mohammed Salah

– Mohammed Salah is an Egyptian national player.

– In 2017 has signed a contract with Liverpool for 34 million pounds.

– Last year he won the Premier League title and in return he won the Golden Boot. He won the PFA Player of the Year award in 2017.

– Mohammed Salah scored 46 goals for Liverpool and helped 18 goals.

– Mohamed Salah was classified as one of the most serious attackers in Europe with Mani and Fermino.

– Liverpool won their first Champions League title in more than 10 years thanks to the attack.

– Mohammed Salah has got the title of the Egyption king .

– He has confirmed that he deserves the title because of his penalty kick against the Congo made Egypt qualify for the FIFA World Cup after the last time in 1990.

– But because of his shoulder injury and even after he recovered he could not win and Egypt emerged from the World Cup in the group stages.

2- Cristiano Ronaldo

– Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese national player.

– Cristiano Ronaldo is not less than a month for Luenel Messi if not more famous than him.

– Ronaldo has done so much that no one else can do with Real Madrid.

– Cristiano Ronaldo scored 450 goals and 119 assists.

– Ronaldo was a key player in the Los Blanchos team, although every member of the team should be credited.

– Ronaldo’s impressive performance in the Champions League is the most famous of him. – He led the UCL top scorer and scored 120 goals.

– There is not much to distinguish between Ronaldo and Messi, but the European Cup UEFA 2016 was one of the most important titles of his career.

– In the final against France in the final, France was strong through the competition but Ronaldo inspired his weak team.

– In 2018 Ronaldo gave up his difficulty with Real Madrid to join Juventus.

– Ronaldo will play the third major league in Europe and will not be easy on him.

– Ronaldo can distinguish himself as the best soccer player in history if he can win a Champions League and show his talent at Juventus.

3-Lionel Messi

– Lionel Messi is an Argentine national player.

– Lionel Messi does not need to be known because he is one of the most famous players in the world.

– Many consider Lionel Messi to be Barcelona’s best player and others believe he is the best player in the world.

– Lionel Messi scored more than 470 goals and scored 170 points for FC Barcelona and has won many awards in Spain.

– In 2015 after scoring more than 50 goals became an important part of the formation of Barcelona,

​​and we do not believe that he intends to slow down due to the list of great achievements.

– Of the great medals received by Messi is considered an international prize with his Argentina is one of his great beauty.

– Lionel Messi wants to win the World Cup,

but that does not affect the fact that he is the best player in the world even if he did not win.

4-Raphael Varane

– Raphael Varane is a French national player.

– Raphael Varane is only 25 years old, making him one of the top five players in the world.

– In 2011 when When the manager Jose Mourinho joined Raphael varane from Lens to Madrid and became a great defender after a period.

– Raphael Varane was in the French team that won the World Cup, where he played seven games but was among the 7 matches 4 clean sheets only.

– During a major interception, varane was a fantastic player when he went beyond the French defense.

– While Varane was in the club despite the injuries he suffered,

but he got three consecutive titles in the Champions League with Real Madrid.

– In the system of attack on Real Madrid worked brilliantly in addition to that ,

he was the center-back only and that means the manager’s confidence to be in this position.

5-Luka Modric

– Luka Modric is a Croatian national player.

– For The year 2017/18, Luka Modric was voted the best player in the European Union,

and on his troubled trip he achieved great success.

– In the presence of Jose Mourinho when Modric joined the Los Planche,

Modric was greatly improved as a player, from goals and assistance.

– Modric has been described as selfish in the direction of the game,

so he did not have as a player amid the best stats.

– At the moment he is considered one of the best players in the world.

– Modric led Croatia to the 2018 World Cup.

– Because of the performance of Modric in the World Cup was able to save him from difficult positions more than once.

– Modric got the gold ball as the best soccer player in the world.

– Modric has been nominated for the best football player in the world.

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