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Virgil van Dijk rock dutch defence and best player in the Premier League

Virgil van Dijk is a professional Dutch footballer for the English team Liverpool,
The player’s center is the outspoken defender of the heart of the defense,

He defends the colors of the Reds in the Premier League and is crowned the best player in the league as well as the winner of the Champions League.

We talk in the following article about the life of the Dutch defense rock,
And his first steps inside the green rectangle, with the most prominent stations where the player stopped as well as the most prominent achievements achieved during his sports career.


Virgil van Dijk rock defense and his beginning in the world of the round witch

Van Dijk, a 28-year-old defender,
The Defense Rock was born in Breda, The Netherlands. The player’s position is the defender.
His height and physical structure is 1.93 m, which gives him the ability to play in such a difficult position.
His current club is Liverpool, who moved to him in 2018 and played with him in a lot of games during which he performed superbly.

The player is an essential part of the battalion of talented coach Jürgen Klopp, who relies on a group of young stars, most notably The First Egyptian star Mohamed Salah,

and Senegal’s star in the black continent Sadio Mane – and of course do not forget the Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino and other Premier League stars.

Also in the Dutch national team, the public is counting on this generation of young players to return the glories of the Dutch in football.

The player’s family and his start in the world of football

The player belongs to a simple family of a Dutch mother and a Surinamese mother,
The player’s beginnings at the Film Two Tilburg Academy
were this great academy that provided legends and talents in Dutch football.

One of the most prominent names that have emerged
recently is the current Spanish star of Barcelona and former Ajax star Frinky de Young.

Van Dijk believes he was born to be a defender, but in fact, the player began his life with the academy team as a wing player in the right-back’s defense.

The Dutchman worked at the beginning of his career as a young
dishwasher besides training.
At right-back, the player was not satisfied and he experienced playing in the center of the heart of the defense, the center where he adapted.

He was a junior until he reached the age of 17,
where he completed his physical structure, but because of this huge mass,
he did not join the first team of the academy because of some problems with the manager.

2010 is the happy year for the player of the year
when he was discovered by former Dutch international Martin Koeman,
who decided to join the FC Groningen team he was working for.

The beginning of the player’s journey in the world of the round witch

Virgil van Dijk spent a long career with the Groningen youth teams but did not climb to the first team,
It was the second step in the Dutchman’s 2013 career for Celtic in the Scottish League.

Van Dijk has secured £2.6million for a move to Celtic in a four-year contract with Celtic in a deal worth about £2.6million.

In the Scottish League, the player was able to win the league title
and was also selected in the team of the season in the latter.

He achieved many achievements with the club where he managed to win the Scottish League Cup and many other titles during his time with the club from 2013 – 2015.

It was the second stop in the world of the round witch in the summer of 2015,
He moved to Southampton in the Premier League and signed a contract that cost the club £13 million.

This is a small amount compared to the doubling of this amount
after he moved from the club.

The player appeared with the team at a high level although the team is not a senior league and his nets received many goals,
Van Dijk, however, was able to deliver a superb performance that enabled him to make the perfect appearance for the heart of the defense.

Van Dijk has played for Celtic in 76 games, scoring nine goals, mostly from head-to-head strikes, where the player takes advantage of his height in cross-balls.

With Southampton in the 2015-18 player’s time, he made 67 appearances,
He managed to score four goals other than passing balls and high performance that helped his team in a lot of games.


Virgil van Dijk move to Liverpool’s Premier League

After a great level with Southampton, he was signed by Liverpool in the summer of 2018.
In a huge deal, it cost Liverpool’s treasury £75 million.

Many thought that this deal was overrated
and that the player was not worth this big money, They even watched the great performance of Dutchman Van Dijk.

He contributed to the presence of The Lever among the big four in his first season and guaranteed them their place in the Champions League.

Indeed, thanks to his solid way of defense,his team was able to reach the Champions League final, but due to the difficulty of the opponent and the injury of Mohamed Salah, Al-Lever lost this title.

The following year he achieved a great achievement with the team where he managed to get the team to the champions league final
And win the title at the expense of Tottenham.

Al-Lever also achieved a historic achievement as the club most managed to score 97 points in the Premier League but he came on as the summer of the competition.

And still, everyone is waiting for the Dutch star to do more during his career with The Lever,
Especially after his performance last season,

and getting the best player in the Premier League. Liverpool are currently at the top of the league,
After six rounds without defeat, they are five points ahead of last year’s manchester city winner.




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